SUBMIT bloggerluxe blog

SUBMIT bloggerluxe blog

DO you know any blog that is worth being showcased here then

Upload a high resolution screenshot and drop a comment withthe features, and the url of blog and screen shot :) Good luck :)


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    My link:

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    I have a blog called .. Apps Time

    The inspiration of this blog is woork

    The screen shot:

    The screenshot-1:

    Blog Url:

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    Hey Cheths can u add my blog Tamil Movie Reviews to the site...

  4. gravatar Anonymous
    Posted July 30, 2009 at 2:51 AM | Permalink

    Hi this is my blog - where you can get lots of tips on Blogging, Internet marketing, SEO, Technical tips and news.

    This is my blog screenshot -

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    Hey I love your blog. Its design is awesome.

    It would be pleasure if you can include our blog here @

    I do not have a 125 x 125 or any size banners! I suck at designing, but have a great thirst for learning it.

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    Hello, My name is Kenneth Lemus and I run I was wondering if we could be featured in your blogger showcase :) Here is the link to our screen shot url.

    Thank you!

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    Hello buddy,

    Thanks for inviting to this blog and for considering me as one of the best original Blogger template designers, here are my details...

    Name: V. Divya Sai
    Blog: (BloggerStop.Net)


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    new creations for blogger templates at thanks

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    hey guys can you add my blog to your gallery too ?

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    Nice work, this blog is awesome, great idea!

    We have a blog called insight, where we talk about web design and offer some free and really beautifull templates for blogger.

    Screenshot -

    url -

    We hope you like.
    Greetings from Brazil.

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    Views on life. Tips on life. Good music. Wallpapers. A blog for bloggers to enjoy.


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    Doug Cloud, Graphic and Logo designer from Grand Haven, Michigan. Owner of TBODC: Logo Design, Graphic Design, Web and Blog Design Tips, Hacks, Articles and Resources.



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    Hi ..I dont think i can show my blog clearly in a screenshot so i am posting the blog link here

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    I just recently built a travel blog. The theme is very clean, minimal and features hand-crafted illustrations. Would love your opinion!

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    Hi I have a blog for programmers in beginner level

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    A popular Technology Blog who writes about Web & computing..

    Found his Design to be really nice & elegant..

    Screenshot :

    Link :

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